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We promise not to sell or share your personal or payment information with third parties. (In fact, we have no interest in doing so.) Our site records information such as IP address and operating environment (browser version, operating system, etc.) upon each visit. We also store your email address, name, and other personal information that you provide upon account registration. Only a small group of site administrators use this information to serve you, perhaps to contact you in case there is a problem while using our service. Your personal information is not shared with, or available to, any tutors in our system. In fact, the sharing of personal contact information between students and tutors is strictly forbidden.

By logging into your account, clicking 'My Profile' and then 'Deactivate Account', you can cancel your account at any time, which in turn will automatically delete all information about you from our online database. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.

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