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As extremely enjoyable and fun as Architecture is, it is a labour intensive subject. When that deadline is round the corner, and a submission is due first thing in the morning, a week without sleep is common for most students (especially first years new to the ‘experience!’).

Recruiting extra hands to complete a portfolio hand-in or drawing on time for a submission or tutorial is common practice in many Architecture schools – whether at school or in an office, meeting a deadline is the prime goal. provides a high standard of Architecture assignment help for your hand-in deadline. Get your request to us in time to get critical input on your portfolio sheets, drawings and models. Our tutors, with years of experience in the industry as well as graduating from the best colleges, are passionate to help you. We provide valuable insights and feedback in presentation, do the physical labouring of finishing drawings and models as well as rendering presentation drawings in time for a crit, hand-in or tutorial. Our feedback will allow you to not only upgrade the current standard of your work, but also up your game for future assignments.

We can help at any stage of your project, from the beginning to the end. Often, the work of reviewing a large portfolio to add labels, explanatory text and a balance of images is left unattended. The same with labelling presentation drawings correctly and accurately. Don’t let your building’s Basement be labelled as a Roof, your plan as a section or vice versa- our careful editing will ensure these easy mistakes are avoided for a small fee.

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Inspirational Resources

An excellent starting point for inspiration and guidance for your portfolio is the Bartlett website as well as the RIBA It also helps to check out portfolios from past students as well as architecture school show catalogues on ISSUU

On a level appropriate for a student seeking college homework help, a great online introduction to architecture is offered by MIT's OpenCourseWare and is titled Introduction to Architecture & Environmental Design.


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