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We wish students took exam prep more seriously for the simple reason that many standardized tests require unique kinds of skills, not just knowing curriculum content. With the right amount and type of practice, almost any student can perform satisfactorily on a standardized test, but the key words are "right amount and type." Most students are either too busy or too disinterested to put in the time.

We get asked by students frequently about which exams they should take - for example, the SAT or ACT? Does it matter? Which one is harder? Here is the best possible answer to those questions. If you are in high school, from the first moments when you have some idea which colleges you might want to apply to, call the admissions departments of those very same schools and ask to speak to someone who is knowledgeable about standardized test evaluation of student applicants. The person you will end up speaking to will work directly within, or be very closely associated with, the group that will actually be evaluating you if you were to apply. Why, therefore, would you waste time getting opinions from friends, family, neighbors, even high school teachers and counselors, when you can get information right from the very people who will be deciding to accept you or not?

The person you speak to at the college will tell you whether they have a preference or not for specific tests, and why. If there is a preference, you'll know where to spend your time practicing. If there is no preference, take some practice tests of each type and decide which one you are more comfortable with, then focus on that one from then on. With help from an experienced tutor mastering difficult questions, you should be in great shape when test day rolls around, as long as you've put in the time.

Each standarized test is designed to cover specific topics and cognitive skills, so there isn't one organization that governs them all. Most of the important links, therefore, are given within each test area listed to the right. And, just as importantly, you will find a practice test of each type within each test area, so you can start practicing right now!

We have exam specialists and tutors in all testing areas standing by 24/7 ready to assist students preparing for exams.  We challenge you to find better online exam prep help anywhere.

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