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Networks Management

Many people wonder why network management is such a mess these days. Well, the history of its development tells the story. First, there was never a smooth shift from the single dominant operator to a set of cooperating organizations, and while there is significant cooperation today among the various players, putting together frameworks, not to mention protocols, that require unanimous formal consent remains troublesome. Second, the problems themselves are hard. The management of large, complex, distributed networks is difficult, made more so by the fact that different people own different parts. Third, no one is putting money into network management research, so almost all the talent has fled. As a result, the technology and ideas on how to use it are essentially unchanged from early years. Network management is in need, therefore, of some intellect, interest, and investment.

A course in network management will undoubtedly deal with many of the following topics:

  • data communications and network management overview
  • review of computer network technology
  • SNMP, broadband, and TMN management
  • standards, models, and language
  • SNMPv1 network management: organization and information models
  • SNMPv1 network management: communication and functional models
  • SNMP management: SNMPv2, SNMPv3, and RMON
  • broadband network management: ATM networks
  • telecommunications management network
  • network management tools, systems, and applications
  • web-based management
  • OSI network and system management

There is no better place to stay up to date in the field of network management than to visit the International Journal of Network Management.

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