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Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management Information Systems, better known as MIS, came to life in the early 1970s as the result of a longstanding need of businesses to apply the skills and technology of computer programmers to applications required by the business community. From there, MIS developed almost explosively alongside the rapid evolution of technology involving the personal computer, area networks, the Internet, and distributed processing.

The applications of MIS then expanded to include data mining in databases of archived information, data retrieval of critical business data stored on microchips, and everyday technologies such as cell phones and wireless devices that require the passage of important data.

Topics you might find in an introductory course on MIS might include the following:

  • the information age
  • the use of information technology (IT)
  • databases and data warehouses
  • designing databases
  • electronic commerce
  • systems development
  • IT infrastructures
  • computer hardware and software
  • the world wide web and the internet
  • decision analysis
  • network basics
  • computer crime and forensics
  • safeguarding information
  • emerging trends and technologies


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