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SAT Subject Test - Chinese With Listening

The SAT offers 20 different subject tests in addition to the general SAT exam.  These subjects are designed to demonstrate a student’s proficiency in a specific area of academia and are taken by students depending on their various interests.  Some colleges may recommend one or more of these tests and some may require a specific test as part of their program prerequisites.  It is recommended to take these tests only if you have taken, or are currently taking, courses in the respective subject area.  Also, it is recommended that non-native speakers of the English language take one or more of the subject tests depending on the program in which they wish to apply. This allows ESL and international students the opportunity to perform well in subjects that may not fall under the general content of the SAT.  Students who have been homeschooled may be recommended to take one more subject test so colleges have additional information pertaining to the skills and knowledge they learned outside of the traditional classroom setting.

The subject tests consist of multiple-choice questions and a student is allowed one hour per subject test, up to a maximum of three tests at one time. For more general information about SAT Subject Tests, click here.

 The SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening is an excellent tool to gauge a student’s mastery of both written and spoken Mandarin.  The test may be taken whether the student learned Mandarin inside or outside of the traditional classroom.  The SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening is comprised of 85 questions in a multiple-choice format.  The student will be given 60 minutes to complete the entire exam.  There is a 20-minute listening and a 40-minute reading section to complete the test. It is important to note, this test is only offered in November of each year and students are responsible for providing their own CD player and earphones if the testing site does not provide them.  There is a list of acceptable CD players on the Chinese with Listening page of the official SAT website.

As for recommended skills, a student should understand short, spoken dialogues about everyday occurrences. The student should also be able to use grammar and vocabulary properly in the applicable context of a sentence. There should also be the concrete understanding of themes and ideas in a written passage.  The passages may contain diagrams, tables, newspaper articles, or other everyday examples of Chinese culture.

 There is a 33% breakdown of each of the following on the exam:

--Listening Comprehension: dialogues may be presented as questions, statements, or conversations, with three spoken answer choices.  There will also be a spoken monologue or dialogue with printed questions in English for student interpretation.

--Usage: section presents questions that require the logical use of words and/or phrases to properly complete sentences.  Questions are presented in four formats to assist the student: traditional, simplified, phonetic transcriptions in Pinyin, and Chinese phonetic alphabet.

--Reading Comprehension: ensures the student’s ability to understand themes and ideas as related to written passages.  Passages are written in both simple and traditional Chinese to assist the student.  Questions are written in English.

To fulfil our mission of educating students, we have exam specialists and tutors in all testing areas, including Chinese with Listening, standing by 24/7 ready to assist students preparing for exams.  We challenge you to find better online exam prep help anywhere.  

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