A Practical Approach to 16th Century Counterpoint

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A Practical Approach to 16th Century Counterpoint

By Robert Gauldin

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Practical work in writing counterpoint! Gauldin emphasizes the acquisition of writing skills in the contrapuntal discipline and the simulation of sixteenth-century sacred polyphonic idioms in this volume. The author follows a didactic method of a “non-species or direct” approach. While no previous contrapuntal training is necessary to absorb this material, some acquaintance with Baroque polyphonic terminology proves helpful. Key features include: musical examples illustrating specific devices are taken from musical literature or composed by the author; demonstrates the possibility of employing a single given pitch series within the contexts of different compositional techniques; includes a collection of complete or excerpted movements drawn from musical literature at the conclusion of each major textual division; emphasizes Palestrina and the Counter-Reformation sacred style; discusses various compositional procedures of the late Renaissance, including paraphrase, cantus firmus, familiar style, parody, polychoral technique, and chromaticism.

Subject: Humanities -> Music -> Music Technology

A Practical Approach to 16th Century Counterpoint
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc. 02/2013
Imprint: Waveland Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1478605839
ISBN 13: 9781478605836
Print ISBN: 9781478604716

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