Accounting for Non-Accountants

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Accounting for Non-Accountants

By Horner, David

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Designed for students and managers who are approaching the subject from a non-finance background, Accounting for Non-Accountants guides readers through the maze of financial terms, theories and techniques surrounding business finance and accounting, doing so in a logical, meaningful and easy-to-follow style. Completely rewritten and updated for 2013, it includes information on the latest accounting standards and taxation issues, and is structured to provide in-depth understanding in three key areas: annual accounts (including profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow and reporting standards); management accounting (costing, cost-based pricing, marginal costing and budgetary controls); and financial management (including the cost of capital, working capital, takeovers, buy-outs, taxation and international transactions). Widely used as an introductory text for business and management students on a variety of courses, Accounting for Non-Accountants remains essential reading for anyone looking to gain a solid understanding of accounting principles and practice.

Subject: Business & Economics -> Accounting -> General Accounting

Accounting for Non-Accountants
9th edition
Publisher: Kogan Page 01/2013
Imprint: Kogan Page
Language: English
Length: 384 pages

ISBN 10: 0749465980
ISBN 13: 9780749465988
Print ISBN: 9780749465971

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