American Indian Creation Myths

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American Indian Creation Myths

By Teresa Pijoan PhD

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Myths tell us much about a people. And all cultures have creation myths. The myths collected by the author in this book tell us about the rich and varied lives and imagination of the first Americans. They vary from simple to complex and all attempt to answer the question of human origin. Native Americans are of profound beginnings. Each Tribe, Group or Pueblo hold their beginning to be truths, unique from one another. The beliefs in this book are only a sampling of the many that still exist today. “In collecting these tales,” the author says, “no tape recorder was used and no notes were taken during the telling. Immediately after the session copious notes were taken and later expanded into a recreation of the myth. Subjects were located through word of mouth and after a short time people started coming forward and volunteering their stories. The people hold the stories. May they continue to tell and share with their families, communities, and the outsiders. We have much to learn from Creation, from each other, and from the holders of the stories.” TERESA PIJOAN was raised on the San Juan Pueblo Indian Reservation in New Mexico and later her family moved to the Nambe Indian Reservation. She is a national lecturer, storyteller, research writer, college professor, and teacher. She has lectured throughout Central Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Her other books from Sunstone Press are “Healers on the Mountain,” “Pueblo Indian Wisdom,” “Ways of Indian Magic,” and “Dead Kachina Man.”

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American Indian Creation Myths
Publisher: Sunstone Press 7/25/12
Imprint: Sunstone Press
Language: English
Length: 116 pages

ISBN 10: 161139094X
ISBN 13: 9781611390940
Print ISBN: 9780865344716

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