Arguing Constructively

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Arguing Constructively

By Dominic A. Infante

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A refreshing fusion of interpersonal human relations and argumentation! This clear and engaging volume is unique because of its dual focus. On the one hand, the purpose is to instruct on the methods of argumentation theory. This represents a set of principles, methods, and strategies of argument that have evolved from the time of Ancient Greece. On the other hand, the intent is to teach human relations in argumentative situations, specifically, how to manage interpersonal relations during arguments. Books on argumentation and debate have tended to say little about how arguing can affect the relationship one has with an adversary. How do you prevent harm to a valued friendship, for instance? Moreover, books on interpersonal communication have had little to say about arguing. Instead, the emphasis is on achieving satisfying relations with others. The author shows that recent research makes it clear that argumentation and interpersonal communication are complementary areas of communication. Arguing constructively in informal interpersonal and small group contexts is a skill that can bring about good outcomes. Instruction on building and maintaining satisfying relations with other people is lacking if it does not deal with how to do this while arguing, especially since argumentative communication probably will occur throughout a relationship. This book has been written to correct what has been perhaps too narrow a focus in the areas of argumentation and interpersonal communication.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Communications -> Introduction to Human Communication

Arguing Constructively
1st edition
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc. 12/1987
Imprint: Waveland Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1478605618
ISBN 13: 9781478605614
Print ISBN: 9780881333275

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