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Aromatherapy for Health Professionals E-Book

By Shirley Price; Len Price

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Aromatherapy for Health Professionals covers the full spectrum of theory and practice from essential oil science and the foundations of practice to the application of aromatherapy for specific conditions.

The fourth edition of this highly successful book provides a clear and authoritative introduction to aromatherapy as practiced in modern health care settings. It gives valuable information for any health professional wishing to develop their understanding of the subject, providing the in-depth knowledge needed to use essential oils in the practice environment.


* Two new chapters – Wound Care and Bereavement – provide valuable additions to the text

* The chapter ‘Aromas, Mind and Body’ has been enhanced

* Several new essential oils – giving properties, indications and cautions – have been added

* New case histories illustrate the practical application of theory and techniques described

* References have been updated and new research added

The book is supported by a CD-ROM of ancillary tables covering essential oils for general use in health-care settings including indications for safe, therapeutic uses of essential oils; those to be used with caution; and essential oil definitions.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Alternative Medicine

Aromatherapy for Health Professionals E-Book
4th edition
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences (US) 11/11/11
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone (US)
Language: English
Length: 400 pages

ISBN 10: 0080982530
ISBN 13: 9780080982533
Print ISBN: 9780702035647

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