ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

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ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

By Perdeck Matt

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Written in a practical and clear conversational style, this book is filled with real-life website performance scenarios. It is replete with lots of working code samples and practical advice, and just the right amount of theory you need to make sense of it all. This book is written for ASP.NET/SQL Server-based website developers who want to speed up their site using simple, proven tactics without going through a lot of unnecessary theoretical learning. If your website isn't performing well, this is the ideal book for you.

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Computer Science -> Programming Languages (Jr/Sr)

ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets
1st edition
Publisher: Packt Publishing 10/2010
Imprint: Packt Publishing
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1849690693
ISBN 13: 9781849690690
Print ISBN: 9781849690683

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