Atlas of Head and Neck Ultrasound

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Atlas of Head and Neck Ultrasound

By Heinrich Iro

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Written by internationally renowned experts, this exceptional and most comprehensive atlas provides readers with a didactic exposure to the principles of ultrasound and its application in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical conditions of the head and neck. It specifically evaluates the possibilities of modern high-resolution B-scan and color Doppler ultrasound.


  • The atlas style and systematically structured content allow readers to quickly locate imaging findings and access required information
  • The authors not only cover the main ultrasound examination techniques and findings in the head and neck area but also convey approaches to more complex clinical issues, including complicated interdisciplinary topics such as the thyroid gland and blood vessels
  • The diagnostic limitations of ultrasound, pitfalls, and tips and tricks are highlighted throughout the text to help beginners recognize the essential aspects of the findings and assist experienced users in complicated situations
  • An extensive selection of video clips, illustrating the advantages of ultrasound as a dynamic procedure, is available online

For all otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, radiologists, internists, and other specialists who utilize this dynamic imaging tool, Atlas of Head
and Neck Ultrasound
is an essential reference for use in daily practice.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Otorhinolaryngology

Atlas of Head and Neck Ultrasound
1st edition
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers Inc. 2/20/13
Imprint: Thieme Medical Publishers
Language: English
Length: 244 pages

ISBN 10: 3131697016
ISBN 13: 9783131697011
Print ISBN: 9783131603517

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