Autonomic Nerves

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Autonomic Nerves

By Linda Wilson-Pauwels

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Authored by the same team that created Cranial Nerves, this book provides an easy-to-follow overview of autonomic nerves. The first part describes their structure and function. The second part addresses autonomic control of individual organ systems in a problem-based learning format. Throughout, Autonomic Nerves describes afferent pathways, integrating structures and mechanisms, efferent pathways, and the autonomic effectors. Principles of autonomic neurotransmission are also discussed.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Physiology

Autonomic Nerves
1st edition
Publisher: PMPH-USA, Ltd. 011997
Imprint: B.C. Decker
Language: English
Length: 240 pages

ISBN 10: 1550090305
ISBN 13: 9781550090307

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