Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning

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Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning

By Janet Moyles

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The book is organised into four parts and reflects the current context of education and care by covering children from birth to 11-years. New chapters, cameos and examples of practice in settings and classrooms help to illustrate the many different aspects of teaching. This book is written in a lively style and offers guidance, encouragement and support for all those new to working in schools and other educational settings, and gives them the confidence to reflect upon, challenge and enhance their own learning and practices.
Beginning Teaching Beginning Learning is essential reading for all students and newly qualified primary teachers.

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Elementary Education

Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning
3rd edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill UK 4/15/21
Imprint: Open University Press
Language: English
Length: 266 pages

ISBN 10: 0335221300
ISBN 13: 9780335221301

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