Beyond Comparison

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Beyond Comparison

By Timothy Macklem

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In Beyond Comparison: Sex and Discrimination Timothy Macklem addresses foundational issues in the long-running debate in legal, political and social theory about the nature of gender discrimination. He takes the highly original and controversial view that the heart of discrimination lies not in the unfavorable comparisons with the treatment and opportunities that men enjoy but rather in a denial of resources and opportunities that women need to lead successful and meaningful lives as women. Therefore, to understand what women need we must first understand what it is to be a woman. By displaying an impressive command of the feminist literature as well as intellectual rigor, this work promises to be a milestone in the debate about gender equality and will interest students and professionals in the areas of legal theory and gender studies.

Beyond Comparison
Sex and Discrimination
1st edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 6/2/03
Imprint: Cambridge University Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 051105629X
ISBN 13: 9780511056291
Print ISBN: 9780521826822

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