Billy and the Bearman

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Billy and the Bearman

By David A. Poulsen

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A dramatic turn of events unites twelve-year-old Billy Gavin and seventeen-year-old John "Bearman" Redell, two boys from seemingly different backgrounds who discover that they in fact have a great deal in common - they are both runaways. Together, alone against nature in the rugged Alberta wilderness, they begin to deal with the demons of their pasts. When the news of a downed plane and a missing rodeo cowboy in the woods and mountains nearby reaches them, Bearman, an expert tracker who knows the woods like the back of his hand, becomes obsessed with the thought of finding the lost man. The boys find themselves faced with the greatest challenge of their lives. Do they have the courage to find the missing man? More importantly, will this adventure give them the self-confidence they need both to outrun the past and to embrace the future?

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Juvenile Fiction

Billy and the Bearman
Publisher: Dundurn 4/1/96
Imprint: Napoleon and Co
Language: English
Length: 192 pages

ISBN 10: 1459716655
ISBN 13: 9781459716650
Print ISBN: 9780929141480

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