Bioseparations of Proteins: Unfolding/Folding and Validations

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Bioseparations of Proteins: Unfolding/Folding and Validations

By Sadana, Ajit

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This book covers the fundamentals of protein inactivation during bioseparation and the effect on protein processing. Bioseparation of Proteins is unique because it provides a background of the bioseparation processes, and it is the first book available to emphasize the influence of the different bioseparation processes on protein inactivation.
Bioseparation of Proteins covers the extent, mechanisms of, and control of protein inactivation during these processes along with the subsequent and essential validation of these processes. The book focuses on the avoidance of protein (biologicalproduct) inactivation at each step in a bioprocess. It compares protein inactivation exhibited during the different bioseparation processes by different workers and provides a valuable framework for workers in different areas interested in bioseparations.
Topics include separation and detection methods; estimates of protein inactivation and an analysis of this problem for different separation processes; strategies for avoiding inactivation; the molecular basis of surface activity and protein adsorption,process monitoring, and product validation techniques; and the economics of various bioseparation processes and quality control procedures.

Key Features
* Protein inactivation and other aspects of biological stability are critical to an effective bioseparation process; This book is a detailed and critical review of the available literature in an area that is essential to the effectiveness, validation, and economics of bioseparation processes for drugs and other biological products; Conveniently assembled under one cover, the survey of the literature and resulting perspective will greatly assist engineers and chemists in designingand improving their own processes; Key features of the text include:
* detailed data on biological stability under various bioseparation conditions
* extensive case studies from the literature on separation processes, validation, and economics
* simplified analysis of protein refolding and inactivation mechanisms
* consideration of adsorption theories and the effect of heterogeneity
* coverage of both classical and novel bioseparation techniques, including chromatographic procedures

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> General

Bioseparations of Proteins: Unfolding/Folding and Validations
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 11/1997
Imprint: Academic Press
Language: English
Length: 346 pages

ISBN 10: 0126140405
ISBN 13: 9780126140408
Print ISBN: 9780126140408

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