Cancer Imaging: Lung and Breast Carcinomas

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Cancer Imaging: Lung and Breast Carcinomas

By Hayat, M. A.

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With cancer-related deaths projected to rise to 10.3 million people by 2020, the need to prevent, diagnose, and cure cancer is greater than ever. This book presents readers with the most up-to-date imaging instrumentation, general and diagnostic applications for various cancers, with an emphasis on lung and breast carcinomas--the two major worldwide malignancy types. This book discusses the various imaging techniques used to locate and diagnose tumors, including ultrasound, X-ray, color Doppler sonography, PET, CT, PET/CT, MRI, SPECT, diffusion tensor imaging, dynamic infrared imaging, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. It also details strategies for imaging cancer, emphasizing the importance of the use of this technology for clinical diagnosis. Imaging techniques that predict the malignant potential of cancers, response to chemotherapy and other treatments, recurrence, and prognosis are also detailed.

• Concentrates on the application of imaging technology to the diagnosis and prognosis of lung and breast carcinomas, the two major worldwide malignancies
• Addresses the relationship between radiation dose and image quality
• Discusses the role of molecular imaging in identifying changes for the emergence and progression of cancer at the cellular and/or molecular levels

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Pathology

Cancer Imaging: Lung and Breast Carcinomas
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 10/2007
Imprint: Academic Press
Language: English
Length: 656 pages

ISBN 10: 0123704685
ISBN 13: 9780123704689
Print ISBN: 9780123704689

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