Cell Surface Receptors

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Cell Surface Receptors

By Garcia, Ph.D, K. Christopher

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Cell Surface Receptors contains an extensive discussion of cell surface receptors in 11 chapters by experts in their field. As cell surface receptors are involved in almost every aspect of signaling throughout the body, the topic has been of high interest in the community in recent years.

Selected Contents:
-Structures of Axon Guidance Molecules and Their Neuronal Receptors
-Shared Cytokine Signaling Receptor
-NKG2D and Related Immunoreceptors
-Inonotropic Glutamat Receptor Recognition and Activation
-Chemotaxis Receptors and Signaling

Subject: Biological Sciences & Nutrition -> Biology -> Biochemistry

Cell Surface Receptors
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 12/2004
Imprint: Academic Press
Language: English
Length: 520 pages

ISBN 10: 0120342685
ISBN 13: 9780120342686
Print ISBN: 9780120342686

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