Comprehensive Brachytherapy

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Comprehensive Brachytherapy

By Jack Venselaar

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Modern brachytherapy is one of the most important oncological treatment modalities requiring an integrated approach that utilizes new technologies, advanced clinical imaging facilities, and a thorough understanding of the radiobiological effects on different tissues, the principles of physics, dosimetry techniques and protocols, and clinical expertise. A complete overview of the field, Comprehensive Brachytherapy: Physical and Clinical Aspects is a landmark publication, presenting a detailed account of the underlying physics, design, and implementation of the techniques, along with practical guidance for practitioners. Bridging the gap between research and application, this single source brings together the technological basis, radiation dosimetry, quality assurance, and fundamentals of brachytherapy. In addition, it presents discussion of the most recent clinical practice in brachytherapy including prostate, gynecology, breast, and other clinical treatment sites. Along with exploring new clinical protocols, it discusses major advances in imaging, robotics, dosimetry, Monte Carlo-based dose calculation, and optimization.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Oncology

Comprehensive Brachytherapy
Physical and Clinical Aspects
1st edition
Publisher: CRC Press 11/8/12
Imprint: routledge
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1439844992
ISBN 13: 9781439844991
Print ISBN: 9781138198555

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