Conversations with Scripture: The Parables

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Conversations with Scripture: The Parables

By William Brosend

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From the very beginning, human beings have loved to listen to stories. And Jesus loved to tell them. The parables are vivid, rich, arresting stories that make us think and teach us lessons about our relationship with God and others. From talents to mustard seeds, from shepherds to Samaritans, Jesus used common reference points to teach important truths. But the parables are filled with ambiguity and room for interpretation. With historical and cultural background, and careful scholarly detail, this book helps readers explore their beauty, richness, and joy. Includes discussion questions and activities. Chapters are organized by parable types such as seeking and growth.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Religion -> Bibles

Conversations with Scripture: The Parables
Publisher: Church Publishing Inc. 11/1/06
Imprint: Morehouse Publishing
Language: English
Length: 144 pages

ISBN 10: 0819226238
ISBN 13: 9780819226235
Print ISBN: 9780819221674

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