Death in the Dark Walk

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Death in the Dark Walk

By Deryn Lake

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Having just finished his apprenticeship, apothecary John Rawlings is celebrating in Vaux Hall Gardens when he trips over the body of a young girl. Hauled before the magistrate as the prime suspect, Rawlings clears his own name and so impresses the magistrate John Fielding that he is asked instead to investigate the crime. From gaming hell to fashion house, Rawlings follows a trail of lust and intrigue which unearths a dangerous past of threatening secrets.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Fiction

Death in the Dark Walk
Publisher: Severn House Publishers 2/1/13
Imprint: Severn House Digital
Language: English
Length: 180 pages

ISBN 10: 1448300762
ISBN 13: 9781448300761

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