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Developing Java Software

By Russel Winder; Graham Roberts

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This significantly updated new edition of Developing Java Software is a thorough presentation of object-oriented design and programming concepts using the Java 5 programming language. The book takes the reader from the basics of using Java 5 to the creation of complete, object-oriented programs. Following an ‘objects early’ approach, the core elements of the Java language are covered, including the use of recently added features such as generics.

The encouragement of the proper creation and use of classes, and the demonstration of the strategies used to create good quality code are at the core of this book. You will learn how Java programs work and how they can be designed and implemented in an organized and systematic way. In addition, the book addresses how a Java programming project should be managed and introduces the Ant build tool and the Subversion version control system.

Testing has always been an important part of Developing Java Software. This edition provides new chapters which give a detailed introduction to Test-driven Development (TDD). This approach to programming introduces more rigor to writing programs by placing emphasis on writing high quality testable and tested code from the outset. A series of examples and case studies shows how TDD works and highlights the strategies for testing code.

Reflecting recent changes to the Java programming language and newly focused on first courses in programming, this excellent primer is ideal for classroom use or self-study. The many motivating examples and larger case studies show how core ideas can be applied when creating real applications, and show how to use object-oriented methods effectively to create robust, reliable, and fully-tested Java applications.

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Computer Science -> Java

Developing Java Software
3rd edition
Publisher: Wiley Global Education UK 11/17/06
Imprint: John Wiley & Sons UK
Language: English
Length: 912 pages

ISBN 10: 0470090251
ISBN 13: 9780470090251
Print ISBN: 9780470090251

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