Developmental Juvenile Osteology

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Developmental Juvenile Osteology

By Scheuer, Louise; Black, Sue; Cunningham, Criag; Scheuer, Louise; Black, Sue

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Developmental Juvenile Osteology gives an account of the development of all the bones of the human skeleton, from their earliest embryological form to final adult form. This volume collates information never before assembled in one volume. Profusely illustrated with high quality drawings, it also provides a complete description of the adult skeleton and its anomalies.

Key Features
* Covers anatomy of the adult skeleton
* Discusses skeletal embryology
* Explains development of the child's skeleton
* Collates information never before assembled in one book
* Contains excellent (never seen before) illustrations
* Covers important and unique topics
* Contains an extensive bibliography and comprehensive index

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Health Professions -> Anatomy & Physiology

Developmental Juvenile Osteology
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 07/2000
Imprint: Academic Press
Language: English
Length: 587 pages

ISBN 10: 0126240000
ISBN 13: 9780126240009
Print ISBN: 9780126240009

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