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ECGs by Example E-Book

By Dean Jenkins; Stephen John Gerred

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This unique book shows ECGs as they really appear in everyday practice and not in the usual format as presented in textbooks. Each of the 100 traces is accompanied by a list of the main diagnostic features along with a full report of the ECG, noting any other clinical details that may be important. Boxes list the common causes of the abnormalities shown. Key features of the ECG are reproduced again using annotations to guide the reader. Thus the book provides in itself a collection of full 12-lead ECGs of a wide range of common clinical problems encountered in casualty. This collection of traces, updated for this Third Edition with new cases, will be invaluable to all involved in the diagnosis of the most commonly encountered ECG abnormalities.

  • Provides full size and realistic reproduction of 12-lead ECGs
  • Includes a wide range of cardiac abnormalities
  • Highlights the diagnostic criteria for each abnormality listed
  • Reflects how this subject is encountered in practice
  • Assists the reader by illustrating alongside the key features of the recording; thus these can be viewed in relation to the whole trace
  • Thoroughly revised and updated for this new edition with additional case examples
  • Includes a new section on the approach to the ECG.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Cardiology

ECGs by Example E-Book
3rd edition
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences (US) 6/15/11
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone (US)
Language: English
Length: 238 pages

ISBN 10: 0702049069
ISBN 13: 9780702049064
Print ISBN: 9780702042287

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