Education and Ontario Family History

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Education and Ontario Family History

By Marian Press

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Many family researchers with Ontario roots discover they have ancestors who were teachers. Those with no teachers in the family may have ancestors who were part of the Ontario education system as students. Today there are numerous varied resources available to find information on teachers, pupils, schools, textbooks, and curricula in historical Ontario. Education and Ontario Family History outlines the resources available for education from about 1785 to the early twentieth century, not only for genealogists, but also for other historians with an interest in educational records. Many historical resources are currently being digitized, and Ontario and education are no exceptions. These electronic repositories are examined in author Marian Press's book along with traditional paper and archival sources.

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Education and Ontario Family History
A Guide to the Resources for Genealogists and Historians
Publisher: Dundurn 1/10/11
Imprint: Dundurn/Ontario Genealogical Society
Language: English
Length: 144 pages

ISBN 10: 1459705076
ISBN 13: 9781459705074
Print ISBN: 9781554887477

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