Education, Science and Truth

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Education, Science and Truth

By Rasoul Nejadmehr

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What is the main problem of contemporary education? Rasoul Nejadmehr argues that the cardinal problem with education is that it does not have an adequate notion of truth underpinning it. Thinkers mainly tend to veer towards two polesĀ - absolutism and relativism. While a one-sided tendency toward absolutism leads to reified categories of thought and alienation, a tendency toward relativism leads to lack of universality and nihilism. Education, Science and Truth suggests a way out by bridging not only divides between and within analytical and continental philosophy but also those of modernism and postmodernism. By using a range of issues, disciplines and literature, Nejadmehr formulates a new version of the concept of objectivity based on the inclusion of multiple perspectives, including ones from art, philosophy and marginalized groups.

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> General

Education, Science and Truth
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 3/4/09
Imprint: Routledge
Language: English
Length: 222 pages

ISBN 10: 1135840644
ISBN 13: 9781135840648
Print ISBN: 9780415997676

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