Electronic Surveillance Devices

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Electronic Surveillance Devices

By Brookes, Paul

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This is the book that security professionals, security system installers and hobbyists have been waiting for. Paul Brookes launches straight into the practicalities of electronic surveillance with plenty of clear, detailed information on building the devices that are at the heart of surveillance and counter-surveillance. Self-build electronics projects are supported by principles and a brief survey of each type of device.

The second edition of this popular handbook has been extended with new material on microphones, amplifiers and transmitters.

A step-by-step cookbook of electronic surveillance devices and techniques
Requires only a basic electronics background
Practical applications and guidance for security professionals

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Electronics -> General

Electronic Surveillance Devices
2nd edition
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 04/2001
Imprint: Newnes
Language: English
Length: 160 pages

ISBN 10: 0750651997
ISBN 13: 9780750651998
Print ISBN: 9780750651998

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