Exploring Human Resource Management

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Exploring Human Resource Management

By Christine Porter

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An organisation’s employees are its unique resource, and it is the employees’ expertise, knowledge, skills and ingenuity that are central to its success. This textbook leads students through the many theories, debates and philosophies of people management. Introducing fundamental concepts in a clear, analytical and accessible style, this book guides the reader through aspects of HRM relating to strategy, resourcing, reward, relations and development. A complete resource for students, it also extends its scope to take in contemporary debates and issues surrounding work-life balance, ethics, gender and diversity in the workplace, useful for student and practitioner alike.

Exploring Human Resource Management
1st edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill UK 1/10/07
Imprint: McGraw-Hill International (UK) Ltd
Language: English
Length: 480 pages

ISBN 10: 0077111028
ISBN 13: 9780077111021

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