Familiar Paths: The Island Parables

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Familiar Paths: The Island Parables

By Parkinson, Rebecca S.

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Are you longing for a reprieve from today’s troubling times? Then journey with the author to a place of pristine beauty, to the heart and very soul of this outpost island framed by the Atlantic Ocean. Discover the key that unlocks this sanctuary of refreshment and peace. Come walk on sandy paths carved deep in the rolling moors, past marsh cattails and pink mallows to gaze across the azure blue of glacial ponds. Stand breathless at the expanse of sea, sky and beach. This is the Nantucket Island that few ever get to see. You’ll be captivated by the spiritual quality revealed in the author’s descriptions. You’ll behold the gentle variations of the island’s beauty while she leads you to quietly ponder life’s questions and its blessings. Each chapter unfolds a different path of discovery. You become the explorer. And somewhere along this journey, the God who created these natural surroundings will open up His heart to you. Every crab and bird and flower, every aspect of this island sanctuary will speak to you about your life and about our Creator. You’ll find His presence and signature humbly displayed in His creation as you walk these paths. So settle into your favorite armchair or nestle into a sunny dune. Because when you turn the last page, you’ll never be the same. REBECCA PARKINSON has been walking Nantucket’s unspoiled beaches, hidden salt marshes and overgrown dirt tracks that wind through the moors since her childhood. Birding and wild flower hunting, writing and painting, her summer days were spun of the clear water and blue skies of Great Point and picnics in the middle moors. Like a seed blown in on the ocean winds, she relates how the solace and natural beauty of this island have made it her sanctuary and spiritual home. An award winning communicator, Rebecca has now turned from her corporate life to writing about what she loves the most--the Lord God and Nantucket Island. KAY WITHINGTON is an accomplished watercolor artist who has painted the island scenes while walking these paths with the author. Her paintings reflect a freedom of style amidst a variety of landscapes and a brush that can create a still life of some of nature’s tiniest jewels.

Familiar Paths: The Island Parables
Publisher: Sunstone Press 04/2012
Imprint: Sunstone Press
Language: English
Length: 144 pages

ISBN 10: 1611390923
ISBN 13: 9781611390926
Print ISBN: 9780865343962

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