Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance

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Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance

By Thomas A. Lee

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The aim of the book is to give non-accounting students a basic ability and confidence to read and use financial accounting reports and statements within their business or financial specialties. Many employees in business today are expected to be conversant with reported accounting information as part of their regular job responsibilities.  However, they often have little formal training in using such information. For example, in most Western countries, corporate directors and senior executives are legally responsible for the content and quality of publicly reported accounting statements, yet typically have no accounting background or experience to help in the discharge of these responsibilities.

The theme of the book is financial reporting as an essential and significant part of corporate governance. There is continuous pressure on companies from government and stakeholder groups to improve their governance and accountability structures and procedures. This book reveals how financial statements and related disclosures assist in good governance and accountability by providing relevant and reliable accounting signals of managerial performance.

Subject: Business & Economics -> Finance -> Corporate Finance

Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance
1st edition
Publisher: Wiley Global Education UK 3/26/07
Imprint: John Wiley & Sons UK
Language: English
Length: 286 pages

ISBN 10: 0470026812
ISBN 13: 9780470026816
Print ISBN: 9780470026816

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