Fit to Bust

By Tim Phillips

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Fit to Bust is an eye-opening investigation of the causes of that failure - whether it's a global financial crisis or a single disastrous decision that undermines years of hard work. Tim Phillips casts a wry eye over the biggest business disasters of recent history to provide you with the inside story behind the news stories, from the collapse of Enron to the downfall of Woolworths, to understand why smart people make bad decisions. With a particular focus on business detail, management and decision making, Fit to Bust takes us inside the mind of the CEO to teach us how to spot a disaster and look critically at the companies you work for, invest in or buy from. With case studies and interviews, learn why the recession happened and how to avoid the mistakes that led to it.

Subject: Business & Economics -> Management -> Principles of Management

Fit to Bust
How Great Companies Fail
1st edition
Publisher: Kogan Page 3/3/11
Imprint: Kogan Page
Language: English
Length: 216 pages

ISBN 10: 0749460148
ISBN 13: 9780749460143
Print ISBN: 9780749460136

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