Foundations of Nursing Practice

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Foundations of Nursing Practice

By Christine Brooker; Anne Waugh

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This second edition of Foundations of Nursing Practice has been revised and updated specifically to meet the needs of nursing students in all fields of practice The book explains how and why sensitive, safe, evidencebased holistic nursing care is carried out, including topics common to all fields of practice. Core nursing skills are emphasised to reflect the importance of clinical skills as well as the underpinning theory. Aids to learning in each chapter: Learning outcomes Interactive boxes for all age groups and fields of nursing practice Key words and phrases for literature searching Useful websites, references and further reading. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to nursing that will meet the needs of students, nurses returning to practice, mentors and other registered nurses. Relevant to all branches of nursing settings: infants, children, adults, pregnant women, older people and people with a learning disability or mental health problems Themes relevant to all stages and fields of nursing practice include safety, infection prevention and control, managing stress, communication, managing wounds and pressure ulcers, and dealing with loss Scenarios develop the skills of evidencebased practice, critical thinking, reflection and health promotion, and encourage further learning The areas of psychology, sociology, physiology and pathology are clearly related to nursing practice Key principles of health promotion, the law and ethics, the human lifespan and development are explained in earlier chapters, then applied in later chapters Cultural diversity information helps with understanding the needs of people from different backgrounds Personcentred approach encourages problem solving and application to practice Evidencebased practice is explicit throughout, and bestpractice guidelines underpin exploration/explanation of nursing care. Easyreference Glossary at the back of the book. Meets the requirements of the new preregistration nursing curriculum including the NMC (2010) competencies and Essential Skills Clusters Greater emphasis on safeguarding vulnerable people, maternal health and first aid Selftest questions with answers available on accompanying website.

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Foundations of Nursing Practice
Fundamentals of Holistic Care
2nd edition
Publisher: Elsevier Limited (UK) 1/8/13
Imprint: Mosby Ltd. (UK)
Language: English
Length: 676 pages

ISBN 10: 0702053333
ISBN 13: 9780702053337
Print ISBN: 9780723436614

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