Geodynamics and Ore Deposit Evolution in Europe

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Geodynamics and Ore Deposit Evolution in Europe

By Blundell, D.; Arndt, N.; Cobbold, P.R.; Heinrich, C.

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This book presents a new synthesis of the major metallogenic provinces of Europe and the geodynamic processes involved that can lead to the formation of world-class ore deposits. It represents the culmination of a 5-year research programme, GEODE, set up by the European Science Foundation, that brought together researchers across Europe from a wide range of disciplines into collaborative research projects. They focused on five metallogenic provinces across Europe; the Precambrian Fennoscandian Shield, the Upper Palaeozoic Urals, the Variscides of France and SW Iberia, the Alpine–Balkan–Carpathian–Dinaride belt and sediment-hosted deposits of Europe.
Because of the long and well-known tectonic history of Europe and the diversity of ore deposits, linkages between geodynamics and ore deposit evolution have been established and new insights into mineralizing fluids and ore formation processes have been gained. Presented as a set of individual review papers and a final synthesis, this book offers a coherent and structured appraisal of geodynamics and metallogeny in Europe, with valuable lessons for mineral exploration and research throughout the world.

Subject: Physical & Earth Sciences -> Earth Science -> Earth Science General

Geodynamics and Ore Deposit Evolution in Europe
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 02/2006
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Language: English
Length: 360 pages

ISBN 10: 0444522336
ISBN 13: 9780444522337
Print ISBN: 9780444522337

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