By Virgil

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Virgil idealizes the farmer's life in four books as one in which man lives in cooperation with nature, ennobled by severity, unpredictability, and acceptance of the gods' will. The last book includes some of Virgil's most eloquent verses in the moving story of Orpheus, who travels to the underworld to retrieve his beloved Euridyce, only to lose her again. . . . What should he do? fly whither, twice bereaved? Move with what tears the Manes, with what voice The Powers of darkness? She indeed even now Death-cold was floating on the Stygian barge! For seven whole months unceasingly, men say, Beneath a skyey crag, by thy lone wave, Strymon, he wept, and in the caverns chill Unrolled his story, melting tigers' hearts, . . .

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Poetry

Publisher: Hayes Barton Press 1st c b.c.
Imprint: Originals
Language: English

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