How to be a Brilliant Thinker

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How to be a Brilliant Thinker

By Paul Sloane

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Do you want to have great ideas? Do you want to break out of the rut of conventional thinking? Would you like to be a genius? Would presenting brilliant ideas help in your job, career and social life? How to be a Brilliant Thinker will help you to achieve all these ideals, by helping you to think in powerful new ways. It shows you how to harness techniques in lateral thinking, analytical thinking, problem analysis, idea generation and other areas so that you become much more creative. You will be able to conceive, evaluate and implement great ideas as well as improve your memory, sell your ideas and win arguments. It is packed with practical methods that you can put to immediate use, backed up by exercises, puzzles, quizzes, graphics and illustrations.

Subject: General Interests & Hobbies -> Self-Help -> Self-Help General

How to be a Brilliant Thinker
Exercise Your Mind and Find Creative Solutions
1st edition
Publisher: Kogan Page 1/3/10
Imprint: Kogan Page
Language: English
Length: 192 pages

ISBN 10: 0749458887
ISBN 13: 9780749458881
Print ISBN: 9780749455064

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