Human Histology

By Alan Stevens

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Presenting a unique balance between science and clinical relevance, this new text is a concise, well-illustrated overview of immunology for students. Focusing on what medical students need to know, it fills the niche for a reader-friendly, patient-oriented text in this challenging field. Clinical boxes include real patient scenarios, making the textbook interesting and relevant. Experimental detail is kept to a minimum, used only where it helps the student understand difficult concepts. It also provides a superb review of major components in immunological interaction: important molecules, specific immune response and role of innate response in complementing specific response, and immunity to microbes. The smart way to study!

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Health Professions -> Anatomy & Physiology

Human Histology
3rd edition
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences (US) 4/12/21
Imprint: Elsevier Health Sciences
Language: English
Length: 464 pages

ISBN 10: 0323036635
ISBN 13: 9780323036634

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