In the Shadow of Evil

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In the Shadow of Evil

By Frank Smith

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A young woman’s murder leads a British detective deep into the shadows of a wealthy family’s secret past—where a killer lies in wait.   It would be the height of British understatement to say that retired surgeon Charles Bromley and his step-daughter Antonia Halliday do not have the rosiest of relationships. After all, Antonia did accuse him of intentionally botching her father’s surgery so that he could marry her rich, widowed mother. Now Antonia has been found murdered on the grounds of Bromley Manor, and Charles isn’t exactly stricken with grief. He’s plenty upset, however, by the disruptions caused by DCI Neil Paget and his team as they investigate the crime.   While Bromley complains to Paget’s superiors, Paget forges on with the investigation, doggedly uncovering a nest of nasty family secrets. Though he is warned to tread lightly, nothing will stop him from getting to the bottom of this perplexing case before the killer decides to tie up loose ends.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Fiction

In the Shadow of Evil
Publisher: Open Road Integrated Media, Inc. 2/1/13
Imprint: Severn House
Language: English
Length: 240 pages

ISBN 10: 1780103808
ISBN 13: 9781780103808
Print ISBN: 9781780103808

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