Interpersonal Relations Across the Life Course

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Interpersonal Relations Across the Life Course

By Owens, Timothy J; Suitor, J. Jill

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This volume (number 12) is subtitled Interpersonal Relations across the Life Course. It is inspired by the increased awareness in recent years of the way in which structural and psychosocial dimensions of the life course shape interpersonal relations. Interest in this issue has included both the maintenance of long-term relationships that may span many phases of the life course and the development of relationships that are specific to particular phases. The volume is a combination of invited and author initiated papers--all anonymously peer reviewed--that seeks to present a cohesive source of information on the multiform nature and influences of interpersonal relations from a variety of perspectives, theoretical frames, and substantive areas. Contributions reflect:
Macro-micro linkages and interpersonal relations, (i.e., age structures, social institutions, and race/ethnicity)
Parenting across the life course
Parent-adult child relations and transitions
Transitions in non-kin relationships
Social relationships and well-being

Subject: Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Mental Health

Interpersonal Relations Across the Life Course
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 09/2007
Imprint: JAI Press
Language: English
Length: 450 pages

ISBN 10: 0762312920
ISBN 13: 9780762312924
Print ISBN: 9780762312924

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