Journeys in Social Psychology

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Journeys in Social Psychology

By Robert Levine

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This volume consists of personal narrative accounts of the career journeys of some of the world's most eminent social psychologists. Each contributing psychologist is an esteemed scholar, an excellent writer, and has a story to tell. Together, the contributions cover a time range from Morton Deutsch to today, and touch upon virtually every important movement and person in the history of academic social psychology. This book provides a fascinating insight into the development of outstanding academic careers and will be a source of inspiration to seasoned researchers and beginning students alike, in the fields of social psychology, history of psychology, and beyond.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Psychology -> General

Journeys in Social Psychology
Looking Back to Inspire the Future
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 10/28/13
Imprint: Taylor & Francis
Language: English
Length: 280 pages

ISBN 10: 1135595224
ISBN 13: 9781135595227
Print ISBN: 9780805861341

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