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JSF 2.0 Cookbook

By Leonard Anghel

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The JSF 2.0 Cookbook contains step-by-step instructions for JSF users to build desktop-style interfaces in their own web applications. The book is designed so that you can refer to it chapter by chapter, or you can look at the list of recipes and read them in no particular order. This book is for two types of audience: Newcomers who know the basics of JSF but are yet to develop real JSF applications., JSF developers who have previous experience but are lacking best practices and a standard way of implementing functionality

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Computer Science -> Information Technology

JSF 2.0 Cookbook
1st edition
Publisher: Packt Publishing 06/2010
Imprint: Packt Publishing
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1847199534
ISBN 13: 9781847199539
Print ISBN: 9781847199522

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