Life of Joseph Addison

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Life of Joseph Addison

By Samuel Johnson

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The Lives of Poets was Samuel Johnson's last major work. Each of the biographical essays was included as the preface to selections of the poets' works. Included in this collection was the Life of Addison, a classical scholar, poet, and politician. Joseph Addison was appointed undersecretary of state in 1706, twice served as chief secretary for Ireland, and was a member of Parliament from 1708 until his death. Addison is perhaps best known for the Spectator, a daily periodical established by him and Richard Steele, in which appeared essays - mainly contributed by the two publishers - on manners, morals, and literature.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Biography & Autobiography

Life of Joseph Addison
Publisher: Hayes Barton Press 4/18/81
Imprint: Originals
Language: English

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