Lowrider Blues

By Marie Romero Cash

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This collection of short stories and prose chronicles events observed by the author during her lifetime in Northern New Mexico. Family, relatives, friends and strangers (real or imaginary) are caught off guard in everyday occurrences that evoke laughter, tears, or memories of the past. The names have, of course, been changed, and much embellishment has been added to stories which may or may not be true. Stories of innocence, family dynamics, relationships and injustice combine to bring a tongue in cheek narrative to the reader. The author adds: “My inner barrio is full of observations, whether from the neighborhood where I grew up in Santa Fe or from watching ordinary people interact with each other. I try to see the humor in whatever life throws at us and hope some of these stories will bring a chuckle or a hearty laugh to anyone willing to let their guard down as they read on.” Born in Santa Fe, MARIE ROMERO CASH is an award-winning folk artist/santera who has been exhibiting her colorful works for over thirty years. She is also a writer, having authored several books on Northern New Mexican culture, shrines, saints and churches including: BUILT OF EARTH AND SONG: A GUIDEBOOK TO NORTHERN NEW MEXICO’S VILLAGE CHURCHES; LIVING SHRINES: DEVOTIONAL SPACES IN NORTHERN NEW MEXICO HOMES; SANTOS, A COLORING BOOK OF NEW MEXICO SAINTS (also from Sunstone Press); and her memoir about growing up in Santa Fe, TORTILLA CHRONICLES.

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Lowrider Blues
Cantando, Gritando, y Llorando, a Compilation of Short Stories and Observations from My Inner Barrio
Publisher: Sunstone Press 4/25/12
Imprint: Sunstone Press
Language: English
Length: 128 pages

ISBN 10: 161139077X
ISBN 13: 9781611390773
Print ISBN: 9780865347045

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