Lubrication and Reliability Handbook

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Lubrication and Reliability Handbook

By Neale, Michael J

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This handbook helps engineers in industry with the operation and maintenance of machinery. It provides the information that these engineers need in a form that is instantly accessible and easy to read.

The manufacturers of machinery give guidelines on the operation, lubrication and maintenance required for their particular equipment. There are however many different machines in an industrial plant or service organisation, often supplied by many different manufacturers, and there is a need to select as many similar lubricants as possible and to use related machine techniques. This book bridges the gap which exists between the available data on the various machines by providing overall guidance on how to co-ordinate the recommendations of the various equipment makers.

The book is structured in a number of sections that will make it easier to use, and to bring together related topics so that when a reader is focusing on a particular problem they can also refer to related material that is also likely to be of interest.

THE handbook for an industrial audience consisting of plant engineers and maintenance managers. It describes the essential theory and practice relating to matters of lubrication and reliability.

Unique layout and presentation of information makes this one of the best practical reference books available.

Subject: Trades & Technology -> Industrial Technology -> Machinery

Lubrication and Reliability Handbook
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 12/2000
Imprint: Newnes
Language: English
Length: 256 pages

ISBN 10: 0750651547
ISBN 13: 9780750651547
Print ISBN: 9780750651547

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