Management across Cultures

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Management across Cultures

By Richard M. Steers

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Management practices and processes frequently differ across national and regional boundaries. What may be acceptable managerial behaviour in one culture may be counterproductive or even unacceptable in another. As managers increasingly find themselves working across cultures, the need to understand these differences has become increasingly important. This book examines why these differences exist and how global managers can develop strategies and tactics to deal with them. The text draws on recent research in anthropology, psychology, and management, to explain the cultural and psychological underpinnings that shape managerial attitudes and behaviours, whilst introducing a learning model to guide in the intellectual and practical development of managers seeking enhanced global expertise. It offers user-friendly conceptual models to guide understanding and exploration of topics and summarizes and integrates the lessons learned in each chapter in applications-oriented 'Manager's Notebooks'. A companion website featuring comprehensive chapter-by-chapter PPT slides is available at

Subject: Business & Economics -> Management -> International Business

Management across Cultures
Challenges and Strategies
1st edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2/4/10
Imprint: Cambridge University Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 0511739443
ISBN 13: 9780511739446
Print ISBN: 9780521513432

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