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Manual of Photography

By Jacobson, Ralph; Ray, Sidney; Attridge, Geoffrey G; Axford, Norman

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The Manual of Photography is the standard work for anyone who is serious about photography - professional photographers and lab technicians or managers, as well as students and enthusiastic amateurs who want to become more technically competent. The authors provide comprehensive and accessible coverage of the techniques and technologies of photography.
The Manual has aided many thousands of photographers in their careers. The ninth edition now brings this text into a third century, as the first edition dates from 1890.
Major new updates for the ninth edition include:
Coverage of digital techniques - more emphasis on electronic and hybrid media
Greater coverage of colour measurement, specification and reproduction - illustrated with a new colour plate section
Dealing with the fundamental principles as well as the practices of photography and imaging, the Manual topics ranging from optics to camera types and features, to colour photography and digital image processing and manipulation.
The authors write in a reader-friendly style, using many explanatory illustrations and dividing topics into clear sections.
The authoritative text on virtually every technical aspect of photography and digital imaging
If you are serious about photography you can't afford to be without this book
New colour plate section illustrates the chapters on colour techniques

Subject: Humanities -> Art -> Photography

Manual of Photography
9th edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 09/2000
Imprint: Focal Press
Language: English
Length: 464 pages

ISBN 10: 0240515749
ISBN 13: 9780240515748
Print ISBN: 9780240515748

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