Mathematics for Chemistry & Physics

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Mathematics for Chemistry & Physics

By Turrell, George

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Chemistry and physics share a common mathematical foundation. From elementary calculus to vector analysis and group theory, Mathematics for Chemistry and Physics aims to provide a comprehensive reference for students and researchers pursuing these scientific fields. The book is based on the authors many classroom experience.

Designed as a reference text, Mathematics for Chemistry and Physics will prove beneficial for students at all university levels in chemistry, physics, applied mathematics, and theoretical biology. Although this book is not computer-based, many references to current applications are included, providing the background to what goes on "behind the screen" in computer experiments.

Subject: Physical & Earth Sciences -> Physics -> Integrated Sciences

Mathematics for Chemistry & Physics
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 12/2001
Imprint: Academic Press
Language: English
Length: 424 pages

ISBN 10: 0127050515
ISBN 13: 9780127050515
Print ISBN: 9780127050515

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