Microgravity Combustion: Fire in Free Fall

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Microgravity Combustion: Fire in Free Fall

By Ross, Howard D.

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This book provides an introduction to understanding combustion, the burning of a substance that produces heat and often light, in microgravity environments-i.e., environments with very low gravity such as outer space. Readers are presented with a compilation of worldwide findings from fifteen years of research and experimental tests in various low-gravity environments, including drop towers, aircraft, and space.

Microgravity Combustion is unique in that no other book reviews low- gravity combustion research in such a comprehensive manner. It provides an excellent introduction for those researching in the fields of combustion, aerospace, and fluid and thermal sciences.

* An introduction to the progress made in understanding combustion in a microgravity environment
* Experimental, theoretical and computational findings of current combustion research
* Tutorial concepts, such as scaling analysis
* Worldwide microgravity research findings

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Engineering -> Aerospace Engineering

Microgravity Combustion: Fire in Free Fall
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 09/2001
Imprint: Academic Press
Language: English
Length: 575 pages

ISBN 10: 0125981902
ISBN 13: 9780125981903
Print ISBN: 9780125981903

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