Mindscapes: Critical Reading Skills and Strategies

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Mindscapes: Critical Reading Skills and Strategies

By Christine Evans Carter

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Developed for students at the 10-12 reading level, MINDSCAPES: CRITICAL READING SKILLS AND STRATEGIES, 2E helps students become stronger readers based on how the brain best processes and learns information. Christine Evans Carter has developed a powerful approach to building reading skills that is based on the latest research in brain-based learning; when students recognize the structure and organization of information, they maximize their learning power. This focus on text structure provides a scaffold onto which developmental-level readers can apply new knowledge. Information is presented in a carefully crafted sequence that serves to build upon prior knowledge and expand understanding of skills and strategies in a recursive manner. In addition, each chapter includes study skills and discipline-specific vocabulary and reading strategies to help students succeed in all of their courses.
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Subject: English & College Success -> English -> English

Mindscapes: Critical Reading Skills and Strategies
2nd edition
Publisher: Cengage Learning US 1/4/13
Imprint: Cengage Learning
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1285630785
ISBN 13: 9781285630786
Print ISBN: 9781285630786

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